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Save up to 90% of the time and effort it usually takes to learn a language

Language Fuse is the synthesis of thorough scientific research and of > 10 000 hours of practical teaching and learning delivered to you.

The Truth is
Traditional and online language courses don't focus on the true purpose of language: 

Language Fuse

How We Do It Differently

Chatter on the Couch

Focus on listening and speaking rather than writing


Learn vocabulary & grammar as part of whole text blocks rather than broken out of context

Some things are better experienced than heard!

Demo Session

The new language learing experience

Experience the power of the Supported Communication Approach with our Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Dominik firsthand.

Available languages

€50 per hour

+ €15 for any additional team member


After my decision to accept the job offer as a manager of a French speaking team with no knowledge of the language, I am able to understand 70% after less than 9 months. I did not expect such a fast development. My team told me yesterday that they are surprised how much I already understand in French.

Bernhard Hengl

Sales Manager

Coming Soon

Over the next few months we are going to build our new digital language school specifically designed for businesses.

Our goal is simple: To help you attract, retain and integrate team members faster by helping them to learn any language in 50-200h! 

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